The Race


Notoriously known as ‘the world’s toughest row’, The Atlantic Challenge, is the ultimate test in strength, endurance and character, comprising of more than 30 teams racing across 3000 nautical miles from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. There’s plenty of reasons why more people have attempted to climb Mount Everest than the number who have ever rowed the Atlantic ocean, such as marlin strikes and 20ft waves, all while rowing for 2 hours on and off around the clock.

The current 3 man race record is held by Dark Trio, who in January of this year crossed the line in 35 days, 1 hour and 33 minutes. A very impressive achievement, and our crew’s new goal!

Catch a glimpse of the ultimate ocean adventure here, in the 2020 race summary provided by Atlantic Campaigns.

With nothing but each for company, the crew will spend upwards of 35 days at sea, with everything on board required for their survival, including dehydrated food packs, a water maker and navigation equipment. Although there are 2 safety yachts, the row is unaided, meaning that extensive training is required in preparation for everything the ocean may throw at them!

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